Creations for sale


We are still working on the PayPal shopping cart, so for now, please email us with any purchase request.

Many of the more complex and custom creations are not listed here as they generally require your input, which influences the final price. For additional information and photos of each of these items, and for ideas about custom creations, please go to the CREATIONS and CUSTOM MEMORIES pages. Also, any art that you find on the Art page can be made into a key hanger or coat rack for the same cost as those listed here.

  1. BulletBackpacking Stove 

  2. BulletClocks 

  3. BulletClothes & Coat Hangers

  4. BulletKey & Utensil Hangers

  5. BulletKitchen Islands

  1. BulletHitch & License plates

  2. BulletLawn & Shrub Welcomes

  3. BulletLight Switch Covers

  4. BulletTool Hangers

  5. BulletTowel, Bridal & Hangers