custom Memories


Our goal is to go beyond providing you with functional and high quality products and gifts. We also enjoy personalizing our offerings, resulting in highly unique and memorable gifts. So if you are looking for a gift or functional solutions around the house or barn that also captures and preserves a time, person, or event, we can help.

Call or email with your design, drawing, or photos, and we can take your ideas and integrate them into existing art and creation, or we can work with you to create entirely new creation specific to you or the particular needs of a location in your home or property.

Below you see several examples of custom work that we have done for various clients, from simple changes to existing creations, to entirely client-specified custom signs, weathervanes, and clothes hangers. We have taken client ideas and drawings, and turned them into life time memories in the form of light switch plates, key hangers, weathervanes, art for their business, or through its incorporation into furniture, gates, or even horse trailers. 

Don't hesitate to call or email with ideas, sketches, and photos so we can work with you to turn your personal ideas, needs, and memories into usable art, products and enhancements to your life. 

The bunny key hanger was drawn by an nine year old. I took the hand drawing and incorporated into the Key Hanger for a unique and surprising gift.

The carriage coat hanger was a custom request from a client for an old friend, displays the name of one of the family coaches.

The clothes hanger used photos of two children and a bible verse for a very personalized and meaningful gift.

The weathervane below is made of stainless steel and incorporates thrust and rotational bearings for years of enjoyment. The farm name is unique to the client, while the horse and carriage came from my existing stock.

The fox displayed above the window was largely the inception of the client. I modified a similar logo that had existed on their stationary and beer glasses. This fox is roughly 40 inches wide, made of painted steel.

I have developed a library of most dogs and many other animals and can make hitch plate, coat racks and other custom creations to meet your needs or to provide a special gift to a friend.