Tool hangers


The decorative tool hangers can be made from any of my art, but here I only show an example using the Scout. The Scout hanger is primarily for hanging screw drivers. 

The airtool / pneumatic tool hanger is a two piece hanger, the actual hanger, made of aluminum so to minimize any wear on the tool, and the upper piece, made from 18 gauge steel, which serves as a cap for the hanging airtool, keep shop dust and dirt from entering the tool. It also serves as a great small shelf for tape measures, airtool wrenches and the like. This hanger has nine slots and can hold more or less tools depending on size and your willingness to have several small tools per slot. The hanger has pre-cut holes on a 16” center to help aid in hanging and comes with lag bolts.

Please note, my airtool hanger, populated with my tools is wider than the one I am selling.

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