Backpacking Stove


light, easILy packed in and out, configurable in size

This backpacking and camping stove is for sale via the BUY HERE page.  This stove has been designed with the backpacker or minimalist camper in mind. It was created to be very usable, flexible, efficient, lightweight, easy to pack, safe, and durable. We have made several prototypes of various sizes and dimensions, and believe as a result that this stove best meets our combined objectives.

  1. This stove is made of 20-gauge stainless steel for strength and durability, while being very light and small.

  2. The stove can use fuel found in the field.

  3. The stove has a removable front door allowing for larger pieces of wood to be inserted and progressively moved in while burning, reducing the amount of cutting. This feature also provides added draft control.

  4. It can be set up in two different sizes.

  5. The design keeps the burning surface off the ground, improving draft, minimizes chance of fire, and allowing for good burning even if the ground is wet.

  6. It is tapered inward toward the top accelerating the air flow as it rises up through the stove, making starting and continued burns easier, more efficient, and hotter. This tapering also increases the base size, making the stove very stable and tip resistant.

  7. It has holes in the floor to improve airflow.

  8. The stove collapses into a slender 7.5” by 7” footprint, .5” deep, easily finding a place in your pack.

  9. Wholesale and volume discounts are available.

Please goto the BUY HERE page to select a color and purchase securely through PayPal.